From January 2012 the EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) will formally replace the now discontinued Periodic Inspection Report (PIR) 
 We are professional electricians in the Wirral
As Electrical Inspectors we specialise in fault finding. Whether it be a socket not working or something alot more serious. We will diagnose and rectify the problem. We also specialise in EICR's (Electrical Installation Condition Reports)
So what are EICR's (Electrical Installation Condition Reports)?
Electrical Installation Condition Reports comply with British Standard 7671 (BS7671).

Electrical installations are affected by many things - age, wear and tear, corrosion, damage, excessive loading plus environmental factors such as damp and heat. Only by careful inspection and testing on a regular basis can such problems be identified and corrected before a major fault develops. An Electrical Installation Condition Report  is the process by which a report on the condition of an existing electrical installation is made in writing.

It contains amongst other details, an overall assessment of the safety and integrity of the installation, observations on its condition, and any number of recommendations (numbered for priority) for remedial work - if any are required, to restore the installation to a satisfactory condition for continued use.

Why do I need a Electrical Installation Condition Report?
There is no statutory requirement to conduct a Electrical Installation Condition Report   on a residential property however there are a number of reasons why it may be necessary for an inspection to be carried out and the accompanying report and notifications issued.
  • A prerequisite to obtaining a mortgage or loan against a property
  • In connection with obtaining compensation or a payment from an insurance policy following damage to a property
  • It may also be a requirement of entering into a leasing agreement
Who can conduct a Electrical Installation Condition Report?
A periodic inspection can be conducted by any suitably qualified electrician possessing the appropriate testing equipment.
The  qualification recognised for this is the City & Guilds 2391, this shows competence in Inspection, Testing & certificating Installations. Has your electrician got this? Question him. Although this is not a legal requirement anybody without the 2391 may not be a competent tester.
Bretland Electrical Services are 2391 City & Guilds qualified. This exam has a 30% pass rate. It is amongst the hardest exams in the UK to pass. 70% of applicants fail the exam.
What is done on a Electrical Installation Condition Report?
Below is a brief summary of what will be generally included in a domestic inspection:
  • Short visual inspection of the whole area will be conducted to assess its main contents and look for any obvious damage or hazards that may affect safety, such as loose sockets exposed cables etc (The aim is to see that it is safe to start a more detailed inspection)
  • The distribution board will then be checked for any obvious defects such as open entries and loose or inadequate cable terminations etc.
  • A detailed assessment of the board will be carried out with all loads switched off and a safe isolation procedure completed
  • Insulation resistance testing is performed between all phases and neutral joined together to earth
  • Faults can then be identified on circuits as required and there labelling checked for accuracy
  • Ring circuit continuity tests are then carried out with earth loop tests if possible and RCD’s are tested for performance
  • At this stage if any faults have been identified further exploration may be conducted but as long as the appropriate readings have been recorded it is at the discretion of the engineer
  • A further assessment of mains and supplementary bonding is conducted for compliance and duly recorded, along with an inspection of all light fittings and sockets with particular attention being paid to the bathroom lights and appliances (see article)
  • Upon completion of these tests a summary is prepared and a satisfactory or unsatisfactory decision recorded
How much should you pay for a Electrical Installation Condition Report ?

Prices for electrical services will naturally vary throughout the country. In London, a typical charge for an inspection of a 1 bedroom flat would be £180 + VAT with the price rising incrementally for each additional bedroom or bathroom.

Bretland Electrical Services are very competitive with price and we can assure you a 1 bedroom flat would be much cheaper than London rates.


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