Fuseboard/Consumer Unit Upgrades Wirral

We specialise in replacing Fuseboards/Consumer Units
A modern fuseboard / consumer unit provides far greater protection and is much easier to use. In addition, a modern fuseboard/consumer unit is capable of picking up earth leaks and faults and will alert you to problems that an older design would not. For instance, if you are using a faulty appliance the RCD (residual current device) will trip the fuse and protect you from the fault. Pictured below is a modern dual RCD fuseboard/consumer unit.

At the heart of every electrical installation is the fuse board and many properties still have outdated circuit protection, inadequate earthing and no residual current devices. Like the one pictured below.

R.C.D's offer additional protection against electric shock and are not to be confused with M.C.B. (miniature circuit breakers.)  In the event of somebody getting an electric shock, the R.C.D will shut off the electricity supply before there is enough power to cause electrocution.

Installation of R.C.D. protected fuse boards and earthing upgrades are normally straightforward.  They take less than a day to install and are well worth the benefits offered.

We can offer Fuseboard/Consumer Unit upgrades from £250